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SeaWorld: Empire of the Penguins

SeaWorld’s biggest expansion project, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins takes guests on an exciting journey through the depths of Antarctica to see penguins in their habitat. To begin this journey, guests will first take part in a two minute long show. They will be introduced to a loving penguin couple. The Gentoo penguins are watching over their little egg as a bad storm is coming towards them. The egg soon hatches and guests get their first look at baby Puck, who is the star of the show.

Afterwards, guests enter another area where they can choose between the mild or wild version of the ride. There is a height requirement of 42 inches for the Wild Expedition. The Mild Expedition has no height requirement, but passengers must be able to sit up unassisted.  The milder version of the ride is best suited for young children or those that don’t want to feel a lot of motion. The wilder version is more appropriate for those that don’t mind a more adventurous ride.

Riders will wait in another area until it is their turn to board cars that look similar to saucers. These saucers are trackless so it gives the feeling of gliding over a piece of ice, similar to the icy conditions of Antarctica. Riders will then follow Puck as he experiences changes as a penguin throughout the years of his life. The ride ends with a 30 foot drop into a penguin palace. Once there, riders have the opportunity to see the over 6,000 square foot habit of the penguins. One of the neat things about this is that there is no longer a large piece of glass separating the penguins from the humans like there was with SeaWorld’s previous penguin exhibit. Now there is just an 18 inch wall that keeps the penguins from escaping.

Overall the entire ride lasts about 2 minutes. As the guests go into different areas waiting for the ride, the temperature slowly drops. What this does is prepare guests for the 30 degree temperatures that they will experience when they reach the penguin habitat. If you plan on riding this ride, it’s best to bring a sweater.

For those that want to ride Empire of the Penguins multiple times, they can experience up to 32 different ride scenarios. This over 4 acre attraction is sure to bring many guests to SeaWorld this coming year to experience it. Will you be one of them?