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Ice Bars Around the World

Do you ever go to a bar to chill out? Maybe after a long day, you need to cool off with a few cold ones. While these images probably bring to mind a typical bar, a few drinks with friends, and relaxation, they might have a completely different meaning if your hangout of choice was an ice bar. An ice bar, as the name implies, is a drinking establishment sculpted from, you guessed it, ice. These are typically tourist attractions, and not regular meeting places. The seats are usually made out of ice, and the interior is maintained at a chilly 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. If something like this sounds like your cup of (iced) tea, here is a list of some of the best ice bars from around the world:

  • Icebar, Orlando, Florida, USA  You don’t have to travel abroad to visit the largest and oldest permanent ice bar in the United States. Located in Orlando, Icebar is made from 50 tons of ice. Furnishings and glasses are made from crystal and carved by an award-winning Master carver. You’ll receive a thermal coat and gloves as you begin the experience called the Expedition, so don’t feel as though you have to carry your outerwear through usually hot-and-sunny Orlando!
  • Icebar, London, England  The first permanent ice bar in the UK used to go by the name of Absolut Ice Bar, but the name has been changed to Icebar London. Located near Piccadilly Circus, this is a convenient place to visit if you are in central London. As you enter, you’ll be given a warm thermal cape with a hood to protect you from the 23-degree temperature. You’ll be seated in a crystal-clear ice booth, and you’ll sip your vodka cocktail from a glass made of ice. Twice each year, the bar is redesigned, so each visit will be slightly different.
  • Chillout Cafe, Dubai, UAE  Imagine spending a scorching hot day in the desert of Dubai, then stumbling upon an ice bar. No, it’s not a mirage; it’s the Chillout Cafe. When you enter, you’ll be given appropriate outerwear and will enjoy drinks served out of ice glasses while sitting on ice couches and admiring the ice chandeliers. When you shed your coat on the way out, the hot Dubai sun will warm you up again.
  • Absolut Ice Bar, Stockholm, Sweden  The air is crisp and cold outside, but not as cold as it will be in the Absolut Ice Bar, once you’re sitting on your ice seat and sipping flavored vodka out of an ice cube. If you find yourself in Stockholm and have an hour to spend, consider stopping by the Absolut Ice Bar.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic  Aboard the Epic cruise ship, you will not want to miss the opportunity to visit the only ice bar at sea! In SVEDKA Ice Bar, the temperature is always a well-below-freezing 17 degrees, and the drinks are always ice cold. If you’re not in the mood for vodka, you can cool off with a non-alcoholic Creamsicle or a Strawberry Eskimo Kiss.

An ice bar is something that everyone should experience at least once!

If you’ve visited one of these (or any other) ice bars, leave a message in the comments section below to tell us about your experience!